Viamistad hosts three camps every year during Guatemalan vacation months of November and December.
Around 85 people with disabilities attend and along with many volunteers, enjoy nine days of fun, creation and friendship.
Everyone comes back every year to camp, and that is how we create a community of friendship and support that lasts all year. In Guatemala we spend the camp days at the famous Lake Atitlan and at the beach on the Pacific coast.


To develop authentic lifelong friendships and form a supportive community.


To spend time together sharing in amazing activities, creating unique art, and visiting beautiful places.


To give respite to family and others who care for their loved ones with disabilities.


To demonstrate to the broader society that people with disabilities have much to offer, just as they are.

At camp we enjoy incredible activities together like waterskiing, stand-up paddle boarding, horse backriding and swimming in the ocean. Together we create unique and beautiful art-painting, sculpture, music and theatre. We live together in a community where we celebrate our differences and where labels and divisions disappear.

Each camp is named in , the Mayan language of Santiago Atitlan.


Due to the birth of her baby and loss of her partner, our director Sarah has decided to change the plan for this year. The camps will take place at the beach of the pacific coast, and will last 5 days each. Next year we will return to Lake Atitlan.

28 of November
to 2 of December

5 to 9

19 to 23

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