Viamistad is there to help our community in difficult times, such as during the worldwide health emergency COVID-19.
All of our families were affected economically by the pandemic. The degree of poverty they experience increased, many suffered from hunger, and many lost family members to the virus. Today, these effects of the pandemic continue.

In 2020, Viamistad sent food, household goods, and/or direct economic
assistance to all of our families who participate in our camps.

During the pandemic, we hosted the educational program and the camps virtually. At the school, we funded home internet for our students. With a donation from GBM (IBM in Guatemala), each student also received a computer to be able to participate in daily classes on Zoom. At the end of 2020 we combined the three camps into one and held virtual camp. Small groups also got together in person in their towns for activities and outings.

Currently the whole Viamistad community is in the process of getting everyone vaccinated in order to return to camp in November. In Guatemala most people with disabilities qualified to begin to get vaccinated in July of 2021, along with the general population depending on age.

Viamistad has been guiding each member of our huge family to go to their local Health Center to get vaccinated, both people with disabilities and volunteers. We are ready to come back to camp!